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motivational enhancement therapy

Struggling with addiction isn’t easy, and making the first step to getting help is the hardest. You may find it difficult to admit that you have a problem so that you can move on to conquering your addiction.¬†What is motivational enhancement therapy, and how can it help you work through your addiction?

If you or a loved one are having a hard time working through your addiction, motivational therapy can help. Here is what you need to know about MET treatment.

What is Motivational Enhancement Therapy?

You may have heard the phrase, “You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.” Motivational enhancement therapy, or MET treatment therapy, is designed to evoke internal desires to change. This patient-centered form of therapy encourages the patient to change through MET therapy. It is often combined with other forms of therapy for maximum effectiveness.

A counselor will first decide that MET is necessary after an initial assessment. Four targeted treatment sessions will follow, which are personalized for the individual. Most of these sessions will be designed to create future goals for the patient. The main goal is to help the patient become invested in getting sober.

MET Therapies and Techniques

There are a few crucial aspects to keep in mind when it comes to MET. These include:

  • The development and expression of empathy
  • Understanding the difference between the false world the patient has created and reality
  • Avoiding arguments between the patient and practitioner
  • Understanding that resistance can and will occur
  • And giving the patient the confidence to move forward with further treatments

MET treatment aims to help the patient feel motivated to beat their addictions. This may involve the patient considering other counseling services or medications. Each motivational enhancement therapy aspect helps the patient think positively about the healing process and encourages them to acknowledge and work against their addiction.

What to Expect During a MET Therapy Session

Each MET session is usually brief; they often center on the patient’s reasons for their addiction. Their behaviors and patterns will be discussed and studied better to understand their addiction reasons. While the first few sessions will focus more specifically on these reasons, the others will help the patient work out goals for the future to help beat their addiction.

Options for further treatment may be given at this time. However, MET professionals do not prescribe medications. Instead, they focus on where they want to take their healing process; this gives the patient a sense of self-advocacy and independence.

Get Treatment for Your Addictions Today

You don’t have to work through your addictions alone. If you or a loved one struggles to acknowledge and work through addiction, consider contacting a professional to begin motivational enhancement therapy today.

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