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reality therapy

Sadly, the WHO has stated that over 3 million people die of alcohol-related problems every year. That accounts for 5% of all deaths in the entire world. Thankfully though, there are now more ways of treating this debilitating disorder. 

What is even better news is that many treatments include holistic treatments. For example, some recovery centers combine motivational enhancement in their treatment programs, helping their inner self. Reality therapy is another form of a treatment program that is becoming ever so popular. If you have not heard about reality therapy, we will explain what reality therapy is and its advantages in today’s article.

What Is Reality Therapy?

Developed by Dr. Glasser, reality therapy tries to focus on controlling one’s life. Often, people begin to abuse alcohol or other substances due to not being in control of their lives. Reality therapy helps the patient concentrate on the present and never dwell on the past.

Dr. Glasser wanted patients to realize that the past is gone and shouldn’t influence the present or future. Another major focus is that of establishing human connections to overcome addictions. In essence, reality therapy wants people to see that substance or alcohol abuse is a choice to fulfill needs, and if you meet those needs, you will not fall into substance or alcohol abuse.

What are the advantages of reality therapy for addiction? Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Straightforward Concept Throughout the Whole Treatment

Unlike other treatments, the steps of reality therapy for addiction are quite clear. Patients know what the aim of the treatment is and what they must do to achieve recovery. When a patient is aware of that, they may recover at a more steady rate. 

Reestablish Human Connections

As mentioned before, Dr. Glasser wanted people to reconnect with people. Reality therapy helps those recovering develop new human connections that will aid in reestablishing themselves to society. In addition to human contact, the therapist and the one recovering will establish a relationship that will assist in their recovery path.

Focuses on the Impact of Choices

One of the many benefits of reality therapy is to help the person realize that they can choose to do or not to do things. With the help of a therapist, they can establish a healthy way of making choices. By focusing on the impact of choices, those recovering can realize how much it affects their behavior.

This will also help in gaining greater self-confidence when it comes to making choices throughout their lives. 

Addiction Can Be Overcome With Help

There are many treatments for those with substance or alcohol addiction. The only step they need to take is that of seeking help from a reputable rehabilitation center. And reality therapy is an effective method that some of these centers offer, and there are many other advantages of reality treatment. 

If you are unsure of what treatment is best for you or someone you love, contact our center today. We can help in finding the right treatment plan and provide the best professional care.