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Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy is based on the concept that our brain works as a control system. It focuses on the present and upon getting people to understand that they choose essentially all their actions in an attempt to fulfill basic needs. The counselor’s task is to lead them toward better or more responsible choices that are almost always available. It has been found to be effective with substance-related problems, as it focuses on responsibility and on teaching a systematic process that the client may use to regain control of his life in recovery.

As life once again becomes “manageable” without drugs and alcohol, and the client begins to exert control over the fulfillment of his needs, he establishes an increasingly strong system of internal supports and external support systems.

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Recovery from
addiction implies the
development of a
lifestyle that is
conducive to societal


Recovery means accepting your addiction
as a primary disorder
and following treatment

You will be expected to accept feedback
about your thinking and behavior with an


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