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Drug Detox in Pennsylvania

Drugs can be debilitating, throwing the lives of those who are dependent on them off course. If you are ready to begin your drug rehab journey, contact our team at Clear Day Treatment Center in Pennsylvania. We offer multiple forms of therapy to help you overcome your drug habit and be freed from the bonds of addiction.

About Our Program

Some may say the first step on a journey is the hardest, but at Clear Day Treatment Center, we strive to make it easier on you. We will pick up any new client within 60 miles of our facility in Westmoreland at any time of day or night. All you have to do is contact us, and we will begin our efforts to get you to a better place — emotionally and physically.

Our drug rehabilitation program can be used to receive treatment for a number of substance abuse habits, including that of alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine and amphetamines, and opioids. Both our drug detox and our residential rehab programs used medication-assisted therapy (MAT), as well as other forms of therapy.

The program involves a medically supervised withdrawal period and subsequent counseling. We are experienced in using cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, group therapy, and reality therapy in addition to MAT to help our patients end their addictions.

We’ll ensure that your ability to function psycho-socially is stable, and we’ll give you a plan for aftercare before we discharge you. Before your transition to the next level of care, you’ll commit to abstinence from drugs, and we will commit to providing ongoing support on your journey.

If you are ready to take charge over your life again and rid yourself of the effects of drug or substance abuse, call us at (724)834-7000 for a free consultation and to see if your insurance covers our treatment. If you are ready to be admitted and we determine that we can help you, you can start your treatment right away.

Recovery from
addiction implies the
development of a
lifestyle that is
conducive to societal


Recovery means accepting your addiction
as a primary disorder
and following treatment

You will be expected to accept feedback
about your thinking and behavior with an


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