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Drug Rehab Greensburg

70,237 reflects the number of people who died in 2017 from a drug overdose.

Not only do people die from drug overdoses, but they also die from alcohol addictions. People can develop major health issues from using drugs or alcohol, too.

If you believe that a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you might want to look for drug rehab in Greensburg. Drug rehab offers assistance to addicts and can help them change their lives for the better.

As you consider what you can do, here are several things to know about addictions and drug rehab treatment programs.

Signs a Person Has an Addiction

If you’ve never struggled with an addiction, it might be difficult for you to know if your loved one has one. After all, addicts become experts at hiding it.

You might want to watch for some signs, though, that might help you know that your loved one has an addiction and needs help. Here are some signs to know about:

Changes in Personality

When someone you know experiences major changes in their personality, something is wrong. Personalities don’t change for no reason. Instead, they change because of something that is going on.

If your loved one’s personality changes completely, it could be a sign of a drug or alcohol addiction.

Difficulties in Life

Another sign of addiction is difficulties in life. When a person has trouble holding a job, managing money, or sticking with relationships, there could be problems.

Addicts experience a lot of difficulties in their lives from their addictions, and this is a sign to watch for if you suspect an addiction.

Mood Swings

Addicts often experience major mood swings, too. Mood swings occur for many reasons, but the primary reason is the effects that alcohol and drugs have on the brain.

Changes in Physically Appearance

A person addicted to drugs or alcohol can also change in physical appearance. You might notice they look tired, older, or dirty. They might have small pupils or marks on their faces.

Reasons They Can’t Stop

If you notice these signs or others, there is a chance the person might be struggling with an addiction. While you can talk to them about it, they might become defensive or angry when you bring it up.

Many addicts live in a state of denial, too. They don’t want to admit they have a problem. Some do this out of embarrassment, while others might not realize the severity of their problems.

When a person develops an addiction, they become dependent on the substance they use. Their brains become dependent on it, and they can’t feel normal without it.

As a result, breaking the addiction becomes difficult. An addict might experience major withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the chemical they normally use. They might feel irritable and angry.

They might experience nausea, chills, or vomiting. They might not be able to sleep. When the brain doesn’t receive the chemical it’s become used to, it causes symptoms like these.

Addicts can reach out to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for help, but many won’t. The SAMHSA offers a hotline they can call when they decide to ask for help.

As a loved one of an addict, you might want to start looking for addiction rehab in Greensburg or drug detox in Pennsylvania.

Types of Drug Treatment Programs

As you begin looking for a drug rehab in Pennsylvania, you might see the various options. Many treatment centers offer several choices in programs, including outpatient drug rehab in Pennsylvania.

An outpatient program is ideal for a person that lives a somewhat normal life. Outpatient programs offer treatment to people without requiring them to move to the facility.

Instead, they attend meetings and sessions at the facility. Some programs might require attending meetings five days a week, while others might only require two or three meetings. It depends on the program.

Outpatient programs work well when a person is ready to seek help for their addiction. They might not work as well for someone with a major addiction that isn’t ready to break it.

The other common option you might find with drug rehabs is inpatient programs. An inpatient program requires moving to the facility for a specific length of time. The program might be 30 days or much longer.

Inpatient programs work well for people that need a complete break from their lives. When a person needs to get away from places and people, they can live in a supervised treatment facility to receive the help they need.

Benefits of Drug Rehab in Greensburg

Attending a drug detox Greensburg program is often the first step in breaking an addiction. A detox program helps a person eliminate the substance from their body.

Eliminating the substance leads to withdrawal symptoms, but when you do this in a supervised setting, it’s much easier.

Here are some of the benefits your loved one can experience by seeking help from a drug addiction treatment facility:

They Break Free from Normal Life

Many addicts face challenges breaking their addictions because they don’t change their surroundings or friends. When you go to drug rehab, you’re forced to break free from normal life.

They Learn About Addiction

During a drug rehab program, the addict learns about addiction. They might determine what caused them to fall into the addiction, as well as the effects an addiction has on a person’s life.

They Have Accountability

Rehabs also offer accountability to people who want to break their addictions. When a person completes the program, they can continue attending meetings there for accountability.

They Learn Coping Skills

Addicts also learn coping skills through drug rehab. Learning these and applying them can help an addict stay sober.

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Stopping an addiction is difficult for anyone, and you can’t make a person break their addiction. They have to want to.

If you’d like information about drug rehab in Greensburg, contact us at Clear Day Treatment Center. We can help you learn the options available for anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction.