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Withdrawal is a difficult process. When you’re detoxing from a drug, you can suffer from a variety of different symptoms. Some of them are emotional, like anxiety. Others are physical, like sweating and vomiting.

Aside from the emotional turmoil, there can also be a physical danger, as your body is likely to dehydrate.

And yet, it’s the first step towards breaking addiction. Because of its difficulty, it’s important to get professional help when going through a detox. Below, we’ll give you more information regarding what you should expect from a detox: what it’s like, how long it takes, and whether you can detox at home.

What is Drug Detox?

Detoxing is the act of flushing a substance out of your system. Which symptoms you experience and the form of treatment you require will vary based on the substance(s) you’re withdrawing from.

In some cases, you’ll need to be prescribed medicine to ease the withdrawal. In other cases, removing yourself from the substance and getting counseling will be enough.

Regardless of your situation, you should get 24/7 treatment to ensure that the withdrawal doesn’t cause medical issues, or that you don’t relapse.

While the actual act of withdrawing can be difficult, it’s worth it when you’re no longer using the problematic substance.

How Long Does It Take to Detox?

The length of time you’ll need to detox will vary based on a few different factors. Along with the amount of time you’ve been addicted to the substance, medical history and substance abuse history can both have an impact. If multiple substances were abused at the same time, it can also take a longer time.

Generally speaking, you can expect your body to flush out the substances in a week or less. However, that doesn’t mean the process of rehabilitation ends there. Cravings can last much longer, and it’s imperative to remain vigilant to avoid relapse.

Can I Detox From Home?

It is possible to detox from home, but we don’t recommend it for several reasons. First, it’s not as safe as detoxing in an environment where you have access to rehabilitation professionals.

As well, it’s less likely to be effective. Going to a treatment center provides a level of accountability that you won’t find at home. You’re more likely to encounter the abused substance if you’re not in a controlled situation, and the change in environment is conducive for changing your behavior.

Looking for a Drug Detox Program in Greensburg, Pennsylvania?

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Along with helping you or your loved one recover from the disease of addiction, we also offer ongoing continuing care plans designed to prevent relapse. Our treatment program is designed to help you throughout the course of your recovery.

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