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COVID-19 Medical Protocol


  • The entire Clear Day Treatment facility is deep cleaned by viral cleansing specialists
  • Bleach water and antibacterial wipes are available throughout the facility
  • Handwashing stations and antibacterial gel are available throughout the facility
  • We are a no-contact facility. There is to be no hugging or handshaking.  All medically unnecessary contact is avoided
  • All visitations to the facility, including family visitations, outside NA/AA fellowship meetings and H&I have been canceled  
  • Staff and patients will hold meetings and educational groups in the facility
  • Outside agencies now use electronic submissions of paperwork and utilize telephones to contact patients where possible
  • We accept no-contact deliveries from UPS and other vendors

Prospective Patients:

  • A questionnaire will be administered to all new and/or returning prospective patients via telephone assessing for fever, symptoms and/or contact with others who may have symptoms prior to receiving an in-facility intake appointment.  Based on the self-report at that time, an appointment to participate in Clear Day Treatment may need to be postponed.
  • Once a prospective patient arrives at the facility, that person will be checked for symptoms of a fever using an infrared thermometer before gaining full admittance into this facility.  If that person is negative for an elevated temperature, they will be immediately escorted to the doctor’s office, avoiding contact with other staff and/or patients.  The prospective patient will then have another temperature taken with infrared thermometer and assessed again for symptoms and/or contact with others who may have been symptomatic before proceeding with intake.   A self-report by an individual of being symptomatic or having contact with others who may be symptomatic will be taken strongly under consideration; which may lead to that patient not being admitted as a patient in Clear Day Treatment.  If a patient is not admitted to Clear Day Treatment under these circumstances, the patient will not be allowed to present for re-consideration to this facility for fourteen days after this incident and after having been cleared by an outside doctor.  At the time of re-evaluation, the patient will be subject to the same process.
  • A prospective patient that is denied admittance to Clear Day Treatment due to an elevated temperature, symptoms and/or close contact with someone who has elevated temperature or symptoms, will be allowed to return only once they provide proof that they were tested for the flu and the coronavirus and were found to be negative by a medical professional.  A doctor’s note must accompany this patient.

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