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How to Find the Best Addiction Rehab in Greensburg

Did you know that more than 20 million Americans have an addiction? On top of that, many of those people suffer simultaneously from multiple addictions. What makes it worse is that only a tiny fraction of those people ever receive treatment for the substance abuse...

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Top 5 Most Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

A study by NSDUH in 2019 reported 85.6% of people 18 years and older have drunk alcohol in their lifetime. What starts as a social habit can snowball into an addiction. Many people start becoming dependent on alcohol without even realizing it. Their body negatively...

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Top 5 Tell-Tale Signs of a Heroin Addiction

As of 2016, nearly one million Americans reported that they had used heroin. Unfortunately, this number only continues to rise in the United States, leaving addicts and loved ones feeling hopeless. But there is hope, and it begins with you.  Whether you are suffering...

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5 Reasons to Consider a Drug Detox Treatment for Addictions

If you are seeking relief from drug addiction and have stumbled upon this page, then you're already off to a great start. It means that you have the motivation to improve, which is key. This page will also help you understand why checking into a drug detox treatment...

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The Most Common Drug Addictions

Of the PA rehabs that take Medicaid, we are one of many helping to fight the epidemic that is addiction in the United States. Clear Day Treatment cares a great deal about helping people understand and combat drug addiction. One issue we often hit is that addiction is...

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What is an Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program?

Are you or a loved one looking for ways to take back control of your life? Do you feel that you could benefit from having some correction with your drug or alcohol use before it becomes a larger problem? If so, then you should consider an outpatient drug and alcohol...

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7 Signs of Alcohol Abuse

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse, 6.2% of adults have a chronic relapsing brain disease called Alcohol Use Disorder, or AUD. This disorder is characterized by a lowered ability to control alcohol use despite all consequences. People who deal with...

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5 Essential Tips for Staying Motivated In Recovery

Drugs and alcohol have a profound effect on the brain, the body, and emotions. This makes progress extremely difficult for anyone seeking to recover from addiction. Recovery takes a high amount of fortitude, willpower, and motivation.  But sometimes you need a little...

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What to Look for in a Drug Rehabilitation Facility

Are you eager to start on your road to recovery? There are now over 14,000 treatment facilities in the US. You're going to need a way to narrow down your options. Otherwise, you might choose a drug rehabilitation facility that fails to address your distinct needs....

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The Different Types of Reality Therapy Techniques, Explained

If you or a loved one has found that standard therapy techniques just aren't working for drug addiction, you may be looking for other answers. Other procedures are a good option to pursue, but you have to make sure that no one is taking advantage of you. Many people...

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Recovery from
addiction implies the
development of a
lifestyle that is
conducive to societal


Recovery means accepting your addiction
as a primary disorder
and following treatment

You will be expected to accept feedback
about your thinking and behavior with an


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