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am i an alcoholic

You might think that your alcohol usage is quite normal, and you might even downplay any warning signs you see. But if you are asking the question “Am I an alcoholic?” then you need to start thinking about getting help.

If you are still unsure, then read on to see five signs of alcoholism that will help you determine if you need addiction treatment.  

1. Drinking Excessively to the Point of Blacking Out

Occasionally drinking alcohol in the company of friends is no problem, of course. It only becomes a problem when you start drinking so much that you blackout or have temporary memory loss from your drinking binges.

If you have five or more drinks in a day, it’s considered an alcoholic binge. Most alcoholics drink far more than this, though, up to a dozen drinks or more a day!

2. Drinking Alone or in Secrecy

Drinking alcohol is usually a social activity, where you meet up with friends at bars or clubs, and have a drink to build camaraderie and connection.

When you start drinking excessively by yourself or in secrecy to prevent family or friends from finding out, then you know that you have a problem with alcohol.

3. Spending All Your Time on Alcohol-Related Activities

Are you spending the majority of your time on alcohol-related activities? Have you changed your group of friends or acquaintances to be alcohol-related? 

This is a huge sign that you are transforming your life to accommodate your alcoholic habits. 

4. Feeling Hungover Even When Not Drinking

An extreme alcoholic can drink over a dozen drinks a day. This means that their bodies don’t enough time to get rid of all the alcohol that’s accumulated. Alcohol leaves the body at the rate of 0.5 oz. alcohol per hour.

This means that you might feel hungover all the time, even when not drinking because there’s always a measure of alcohol in your body.  

5. Choosing to Drink Over Other Responsibilities

Are you shirking your responsibilities to go drinking, like school, work, family obligations, and more?

This warning sign is a huge problem because it leads to a sense of isolation as you begin losing family and friends from your life.

The CAGE Questionnaire

There are four questions that you can ask to screen yourself as an alcoholic. They are as follows.

Did you ever think you should cut down on your drinking habits?

Or have people criticized your drinking habit?

Ever felt extreme guilt when thinking about your drinking? Or had a drink first thing in the morning to ‘heal’ a hangover or calm yourself down?

These should give you a good indication of whether you have problems with alcoholism or not.

Am I an Alcoholic? 

You might already have a problem if you are asking, ‘Am I an alcoholic?’ People without a drinking problem, don’t usually wonder if they have a drinking problem. 

If you think it’s time to get your alcoholism under control, then check out Clear Day Treatment Center. Contact them today to explore your options.