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Admission Policies


Intake and Admission

Clear Day will pick up any new client, 24/7, from anywhere within 60 miles of our facility. Ask our Intake Specialists for information.
Our Intake and Admissions policies and guidelines can be found below.

Intake and Admission
Residential & Detox Programs (both programs utilize MAT)

I. Criteria for admission
A. Patient must be at least 18 years of age as proven by driver’s license or other photo identification.
B. Patient must demonstrate ability to pay for treatment or be a member of a group with which the program is a participating provider
C. For METHADONE MAINTENANCE, must have demonstrable:
1. Tolerance to opioids
2. History of compulsive daily self-administration of opioids
3. Current dependence on opioid of at least year’s standing
4. Meet ASAM Criteria for residential level (short term) of care
1. Persons recently released from a penal institution
2. Persons recently discharged from a chronic care facility
3. Pregnant women of any age
4. Persons previously on MMTP
E. Detox Only
1. Demonstrable tolerance and dependence
2. Current signs of withdrawal including three or more of the following:
a. Dysphoric mood
b. Nausea or vomiting
c. Muscle aches
d. Lacrimation or rhinorrhea
e. Papillary dilation, piloerection or sweating
f. Diarrhea
g. Yawning
h. Fever
i. Insomnia
F. Patient must be willing to sign all required Federal and State forms authorizing care.
G. Patient must be free from symptoms of major psychiatric disorders that would make it impossible to render “informed consent” to care.
H. Re-admission policy
1. Any patient previously discharged may seek readmission to the Clinic.
2. It is the policy of CDT to evaluate any former patient based on current status rather than on past history.
3. Patients who were administratively discharged may be required to complete a behavioral contract before admission or may be asked to meet with the full clinical staff to discuss past problems.
4. Discharged patients with a past balance due the company must satisfy the obligation before being considered for readmission.
I. Exclusion policy
1. The following types of individuals are excluded from admission to the clinic:
a. Persons incapable of providing informed consent
b. Pregnant females seeking detoxification while pregnant
c. Persons who are actively experiencing psychosis
d. Patients who do not meet admission criteria
e. Persons who present a clear and present danger to themselves or others
f. Persons with a past balance owed the clinic

II. Histories
A. CDT holds the philosophy that a full and complete patient history is the basis for a sound understanding of the antecedent conditions of the patient’s need for treatment, and the subsequent formation of an effective treatment plan.
B. The intake process will include the gathering of data concerning the patient’s medical history, drug and alcohol use/abuse history and his or her personal/psycho social history.


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