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detox program

Before you can begin your treatment program, you’ve got to go through what’s known as detox. Without detoxing, you’re not going to have the clear mind you need to attack your treatment head-on.

If you’re still confused about what a detox program is, read our comprehensive guide for valuable information.

What is Detox?

The detoxification process is the process of letting your body rid itself of the drugs and alcohol that are in it. A detox program is designed to assist those in recovery through the withdrawal process with medical personal present if anything happens.

Everyone that goes through detox won’t have the same experience. Some people will have more severe withdrawal symptoms, and others will face symptoms on the mild side.

Here are some factors that will affect the length of time you experience these withdrawal symptoms.

Substance(s) Used

One thing that will play a key role in the detoxification process is the substance that someone has been using. Not only that, but also the length of time that a person has been using that particular substance(s).

Your body will have been subjected to that substance for a longer period, meaning it will take longer for your body to be free of the toxin.

How Did You Use?

Another thing that will affect the duration of your withdrawal symptoms is how you used a substance. There are several ways to abuse drugs and alcohol, including:

  • Ingesting it orally
  • Injecting into your veins
  • Snorting 
  • Inserting in the rectum
  • Smoking

Each method of use will carry its own time frame for how long it takes for the substance to leave your body.

Family History

There has been talk for a long time about whether family history and genetics plays a role in someone turning to a life of addiction. While there still needs to be more research done, so far, there has been evidence provided that genetics plays somewhat of a role in addiction.

If all a person has seen in their life is addiction, the likelihood that they will become an addict themselves increases.

Detox Process

The first thing that will happen during this process is the initial evaluation by the medical team. They will test you for mental health issues that will also require treatment in the future.

Next, they will take a series of blood tests to get an accurate reading of what’s still in your blood. After this, they will stabilize you by providing therapies reducing the risk of you harming yourself during detox.

After this is complete and you’re done with detox, the next step is to enter treatment.

What’s a Detox Program?

We’ve answered the question of what a detox program is and what you should expect once the process gets underway. Several factors like genetics and family history contribute to how severe your withdrawal symptoms could be.

If you’re ready to get the treatment you’ve been looking for, contact Clearday Treatment Center. We have the resources that you need to get sober.