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2020 presented a lot of challenges for people in various ways. As restrictions were put into place and large areas of the country went into lockdown, people had to adjust to a new normal. Many people had to cope with feelings of loneliness as well as hopelessness due to job loss and financial troubles. 

This led to an increase in drug and alcohol addiction last year.

Attempting to confront addicts about their addiction is usually an ordeal for friends and family. Addicts tend to not see their addiction as a problem and will balk at requests to seek help at a drug rehabilitation center. Keep reading to learn how you can help someone you know to get the help that they need from rehab.

Learn About Addiction

The first step to take towards helping a loved one with addiction is to learn more about it. The National Institute on Drug Abuse is an excellent resource to help you learn about why addiction occurs and the way alcohol and different drugs influence addiction.

A person affected by drugs and alcohol may not respond rationally to attempts to help. They may be unable to focus or process what you are saying to them. They may also respond aggressively or feel paranoid. 

Taking the time to learn about addiction can help you know what to expect when you reach out to help.

Plan the Intervention

Come up with a plan to conduct the intervention when you confront your loved one. Make sure any family and friends attending the intervention are also aware of the plan. Coming up with a plan can help all of you deal with any surprises or reactions your loved one may exhibit during the intervention. 

It can also be helpful to find an intervention specialist to help coordinate the intervention. In either case, having a plan that everyone sticks to can help the process stay smooth.

Have a Drug Rehabilitation Center Ready

Before you do the intervention, look into drug rehabs and select one. It’s important to get an addict into recovery as soon as they are willing. By coordinating with a rehab facility in advance, your loved one can start treatment immediately.

Rehab facilities employ many treatment techniques, some of which may not be the right fit for your loved one. When you select a treatment facility, look into their treatment programs, and contact them for more information.

Don’t Judge Them

It goes without saying that as a friend or family member of someone going through addiction, you have intense feelings about it. If you want them to remain open to your attempts to help them, don’t pass judgment on their actions.

While you may not agree with their decisions, try to come from a place of understanding and seek to understand how they have reached this point. Ask questions and reaffirm that you are there for them because you want to help them get better and healthy.

Support Them Through Recovery

Getting your loved one into drug rehab is not the end of the process. Make sure to continually be a source of support as they go through recovery. There may be times when they want to give up and leave, but reaffirm and assure them that this is the right thing to do.

Here to Support You During a Difficult Time

At Clear Day Treatment Center, we are here for you or your loved one as you navigate through this struggle. At our drug rehabilitation center, we specialize in different treatment methods geared to help different kinds of people with different addictions. Please contact us so that we can get started in aiding you through the treatment process.