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drug detox treatment

If you are seeking relief from drug addiction and have stumbled upon this page, then you’re already off to a great start.

It means that you have the motivation to improve, which is key. This page will also help you understand why checking into a drug detox treatment center is your best option.

But whether you or a loved one needs this treatment, you might still have reservations. After all, it can seem like a huge disruption to patients’ lives.

Instead of seeing treatment as a disruption, think of it as a way to rejuvenate patients’ ability to conduct their life the best they can.

So keep reading to learn about five reasons to consider a drug detox treatment for addictions. You’ll soon learn why it’s the most constructive option for a journey towards recovery.

1. Withdrawal Treatment

One of the hardest physical journeys recovering patients experience is withdrawal. Depending on the chemical and severity/length of addiction, drug withdrawal symptoms can be extremely debilitating to users’ mental and physical comfort.

Withdrawal can last from one week to several weeks, making it a potentially long process to endure. For this reason, it’s crucial to experience drug withdrawal within a drug detoxing program.

Not only will they not judge patients for this inevitable event, but they’ll ensure that they experience withdrawal as safely as possible. Even if their original intention was to start withdrawing so that they can quit, the discomfort of withdrawal can cause patients to experience a ton of discomfort.

When this happens, it’s common for patients to lose clarity. This lack of clarity can unfortunately lead to relapse.

If experiencing withdrawal without a proper support system, addicted users might try and use it again to ease their discomfort. Sometimes, this discomfort can be agonizing and harmful without proper measures.

2. Psychological Treatment

Being part of a detox program isn’t only about physical recovery. There are many psychological factors that can go into and stem from substance abuse.

How detoxing works is more than about removing physical contact with the drug. It’s also about addressing the individual’s psychological concerns and destructive behaviors.

This effort isn’t only about the concerns that substance abuse produced. It’s also about those that might have led to that substance abuse.

Combining therapy with other methods helps to address potent issues of addiction. All this can help drug addiction recovery become successful for the long term.

Various forms of therapy such as group therapy or cognitive therapy can encourage patients to identify and correct behaviors that lead to substance abuse and/or relapse.

It’s true that completing withdrawal from the substance in question provides a fantastic start towards recovery. But there are many mental health concerns that must be addressed to minimize patients’ chances of relapsing.

3. Regaining Control

It might be nerve-wracking to contemplate a drug recovery program. Part of this skepticism might include patients’ fear of losing control over their lives.

Though substance use might sometimes seem like a marker of freedom, it could limit freedom in other aspects of their life. But in a detoxification program, they will actually learn how to regain control over their life.

After all, the reason drug treatment programs exist to address the struggle to exercise the control necessary to achieve this freedom. Participation in these treatments will help them regain stability and control in other parts of their life. These aspects include their relationships, livelihood, and personal self-growth.

So while treatment requires patients to set boundaries for themselves, they are in control of whether they want to set these boundaries in the first place. After they do, they open up their own ability to finally take control over their life overall.

4. Better Chances of Recovery

If you or a loved one feel any need to consider a dedicated drug recovery program, then you most likely have good reason to believe so. This is not because patients in detox programs have a particularly worse problem than other drug-addicted users, but because they have enough motivation and foresight to make necessary changes.

That alone provides a fantastic start to recovery. Not only that, but all of the other emotional and technical aspects of a detoxification program provide them with many tools for recovery, even after they leave the program.

The process of recovery can be uncomfortable and non-linear. But through organized support, they will better secure their chances of recovery.

5. Full Focus on Recovery

Checking into a drug recovery program allows patients to fully focus on their recovery. While being away from their everyday lives might seem intimidating to patients at first, making the effort to recover will allow them to return to everyday life with a lot more peace.

Otherwise, trying to juggle detoxification while focusing on everyday tasks can be debilitating. This stress might even be compounded with a lack of constructive support and potential isolation.

At the very least, this will make recovery difficult. But often the stress of trying to do both can even lead to relapse.

Drug recovery programs have bedrooms, a fully-stocked kitchen, and plenty of entertainment options. They can provide patients’ every essential need. With 24/7 care, patients can focus on their most important task: recovery.

Drug Detox Treatment

At Clear Day Treatment Center, we offer recovery treatments for anyone that needs them. From detoxification to therapy, we are fully staffed and resourced to provide patients with the utmost care and support.

So if you or a loved one is a patient that needs a drug detox treatment, contact us today. We accept patients from 26 counties in Pennsylvania. This expansion allows us to offer exceptional treatment to as many people as possible.